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How to spend time

We try our best to save time. Sometimes we believe we have all the time in the world. But precious minutes and seconds go to waste. There is one way to make time more valuable: invest it in something worth remembering.

Social relations are the key factor to live long, prosper and happy lives, according to the well known Norwegian physician, neuroscientist and writer, Ole Petter Hjelle. His focus is the quality of these relations, not the quantity.
This last decade time has become our most valuable asset. Time has become the new luxury. The way we spend time has changed dramatically alongside new technology.
We just need a few minutes and seconds more. We yearn for experiences that captures time. Make it stand still long enough for us to capture it and being able to tell the story later on.

Togethering. – A new trend is rising! The man behind Harvest Magazine and communication advisor, Anders Aakre is confident: Spending time together. Make it simple, but with an outstanding quality. Sprinkle it with hidden gems and create a story worth telling. We look for social media friendly spots. Not necessarily because we want to share it with everyone, but because social media has made a visual awareness on travelling. And when we go, we want to document and share our experiences with friends and family. Aakre estimates that party and event business will increase by ten percent in time to come. We are more used to paying for services that will save us some time to get the most out of the time we are spending together. Authentic. Real. Limited. This is what we want when choosing a destination. Go where hardly no one has been before us, tasting the flavors of the sea urchin directly from the fisherman’s hand. And we want to hold our breath and hear the silence as our eyes catch the flight of a snow owl. Or at least we want to stroll the silent corridors of a museum with friends and family. Just us, together, admiring the Mona Lisa smile. But we don’t have time neither to find all the hidden gems ourselves nor to make the arrangements.
Investing time in each other should create a precious memory. We want our shared experience to make a good conversation or story to pass on to the ones that could not join us this time around.

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Pure happiness can easily be about presence. Being in the moment. Neuroscientist Ole Petter Hjelle is concerned with how we spend our time. He is worried that our social interactions seem to have vanished with technology. Not only do we spend about ten times more of our available time on technology now than we did in 2007, the time is taken from, exactly: social relations.
Ole Petter Hjelle cannot stress enough how important it is for us humans to spend time with each other, and how it affects our mental health.

– Spending time together is where we evolve, he says.

Eleven years. If you live to be 80 years old, eleven years is what you have spent on your mobile phone. At least that is what scientific research shows. Investing time in the people around you will give you a few more extra years to spend on earth. Choose to log onto life. The joy of a shared experience lasts a lot longer than the joy of getting a new car, or some new shoes. Is a shared moment a better experience? – Absolutely! Ole Petter Hjelle says.

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The experiment: Imagine you’ll have to spend the next year on a deserted island. You have food and liquids and a place to sleep. But you are all alone. And you will be for the next 365 days. You are on this amazing beach, but there is no phone, no Internet and no way to interact with anyone else. What would you miss the most? Coffee with grandpa? Social media updates? Chitchatting? Someone to share it all with?

Most of us would get lonely within a short period of time. This says something about our social needs and the importance of social relations for our wellbeing as humans. We need social interactions to be happy and increase life quality.