That´s why good and rare experiences are among the most valuable things we have in life. A good experience changes us. It brings us closer to those we share it with. It broadens our perspectives and shapes meaning in our lives.

At Off Piste, this is something we know all about. Just like our clients, we thirst after experiences beyond the ordinary. Experiences that blow us away. It is this passion that enables us to realise our client´s dreams, whether it is a private party or a business event.

For us, there is no contradiction between the ideas that sky is the limit, and that the devil is in the details. Based on our Scandinavian lifestyle, we deliver quality in every detail to show our clients the world. We combine culinary delights from traditional and modern cuisine with carefully selected music and entertainment. In all we do, we are one step ahead, so that our clients can enjoy the full range of experiences, from A to Z.
When Off Piste was established in 1996, our founders understood that the path to success would be about sharing our deep knowledge with a focus on detail. It is our people and culture that creates this unique approach. But we also need to know our clients, see their desires and involve them in the process. An «offpister» is a perfectionist who understands that tailoring the details creates a successful experience. An «offpister» is always up to date on culture, shares his or her knowledge and understands that teamwork is the key to making it all work.

So, it is not only about creating stories worth sharing, it is all about expressing the identity and values of our clients, whether it is a private person or a company. At Off Piste, the client is in focus, and the clients personality shall shine. In other words: by dreaming big and focusing on small details, we allow the host to become guests at their own party.