We’ve been making
memories for more than
25 years.

Off Piste is an Experience Agency established in 1996. With a personal approach and a strong focus on creativity and innovation, our skilled employees go to work to create memories that last a lifetime. Those working with us will always meet opportunities, not limitations.

We are known for our creative mindset and strong network of partners that bring even the most imaginative ideas to life in a unique and personal way. We never do anything half-heartedly. We put all our passion, craftsmanship, conscience, and experience into everything we do. Our inventive eye, passion, and calm during our client's vital moments, be that a wedding, celebration, or corporate gathering, have allowed us to withstand the test of time through the years.

We don’t follow standards.
We set them.

We are Scandinavians with the world as our playground. That means you get all the design and esthetics, but also the openness and dedication that is rooted in our DNA. We are always on the move. We are eager to explore in search of new and fresh ideas.

At Off Piste, we aim to set the standard for the experience industry, and we will do everything to assist you in creating unforgettable memories for yourself and the ones you love.